We ship cars safely and reliably!

At Auto Transporter Inc., we believe that a positive auto transport experience begins with the moment you first speak to one of our representatives. This initial contact is imperative to your deliberation of whether we’re a quality auto transport company. We take special care of our customers, and offer them the highest quality of customer service and overall service that can be found in the auto transport industry.

We want our customers to know their vehicle is safe with us.

another-auto-transportWe understand how important a vehicle can be to you. Some cars you may have been dreaming about having since you were a kid, and you’ve finally gotten it. Some may hold sentimental value – being passed down by family, etc. Whatever the case, we will ship your automobile with care. We will treat it as well as you do, and make sure that you are comfortable with the entire process.

The auto transport process can be overwhelming. This is where our 43 years of experience comes into play. Over 43 years, we’ve developed a great philosophy to create a stress-free experience while shipping your car. You may ask, how’s that possible? Well, it’s simple – we care about your car as much as you do! We have comprehensive insurance policies to protect your vehicle at any cost. We are licensed and bonded, and comply with all federal and state laws as well to ensure that your car is being shipped in good standing wherever it goes – even overseas.

We are always improving our service.

international-auto-transportEvery vehicle we ship, we get better. We have transported countless vehicles, and we have learned countless ways to improve along the way. We work hard everyday to implement new techniques that will not only improve the safety and reliability of the auto transport process, but also the quickness and affordability.

We know that transporting your vehicle can be costly these days; however, we’ve worked extremely hard to bring you some of the most competitive rates in the business. We’re confident that we can beat 95% of the competitions prices, and 100% of the quality.

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy, however. In fact, we’ve recently spent millions of dollars upgrading our rigs to state-of-the-art technology in order to offer our customers a more reliable, fast, and affordable way to transport their vehicles. Our new rigs are more ecologically efficient and allow us to offer much more affordable prices all while delivering your car faster than ever!


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