Auto Transporter Inc. Services

Auto Transporter Inc. is known for the vast amount of services we offer. If you have a vehicle that needs to be moved from one location to another, we can do it! Our extensive list of high quality auto transport services extend internationally and for affordable rates. Need your car to be treated with special care and/or need it moved more quickly than usual? We offer the industry’s best enclosed carrier and expedited auto transport services! Take a look below to see just a few of the quality services we offer!


Open Carrier Auto Transport

services-auto-transport1Our open carrier auto transport services are secure, reliable, and affordable. It is very likely that you’ve seen one of our open carriers out on the freeway loaded with around 6-8 vehicles. This method of transport is most popular with our clients as it allows for an affordable and safe means of shipping for their vehicle. Some clients, on the other hand, prefer enclosed carrier auto transport because it offers an even more secure method of moving vehicles. Due to cars exposure to the outdoors on an open carrier, there is a possibility of damage occurring from the elements and other unforeseen obstacles – although extremely rare.


Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport

services-enclosed-auto-transportEnclosed carrier auto transport provides an extremely safe environment for car shipping. Our trailers are spacious, insulated, and utilize the newest of technologies. Clients that use enclosed carriers to move their cars are typically shipping vehicles with high monetary or sentimental value. These vehicles cannot have any chance of being damaged and must remain in pristine condition. These clients are typically moving exotic, classic, super, and otherwise expensive cars. We often see high-end dealerships and auction houses utilize our enclosed carrier auto transport services most often.


International Auto Transport

services-international-auto-transportOur International Auto Transport services extend to every corner of the globe. If your car needs to go anywhere in the world, we can move it there – from San Francisco to Tokyo, Toronto to Buenas Aires, we can do it! We have exclusive use of over 40 different ports throughout the world, allowing us to move your vehicle internationally quickly and affordably. Many people looking to ship their vehicle internationally are discouraged by the extensive paperwork required by customs, but with us you need not worry! Our helpful and well-informed customer service team will help you complete these forms quickly and easily.


Expedited Auto Transport

services-expedited-auto-transportIf you need your vehicle shipped within a constrained timeline, our expedited auto transport services will deliver. We have a team dedicated to urgent auto transport, and they will assist you around the clock to ensure that your vehicle is delivered on time and safely. We have enclosed carrier rigs standing by for any expedited auto transport needs. Note that expedited auto transport is more expensive; however, it ensures your vehicle is delivered promptly and maintains our affordable rates.


Other Services We Offer:

Below are listed some of the other services we offer; however, this is not a comprehensive list. If you don’t see a service listed that you need, please give us a call!

  • Open Carrier Auto Transport
  • Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport
  • International Auto Transport
  • Expedited Auto Transport
  • Motorcycle Shipping
  • ATV Shipping
  • Boat Shipping
  • RV Shipping
  • And more!


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